Our Story

MIRANDA, admirable

OR, light


For most of his life, Jared Stone has been captivated by jewelry. He grew up admiring the work of his parents – jewelers who designed and manufactured beautiful, expertly crafted pieces that captured the unique facets of each and every client. In his heart, he always knew that this was his calling – and after several years working in the financial sector, Jared realized it was time to make his dream a reality. 

Jared began envisioning a brand that mingled old-world quality with 21st century values and design. With Miranor, he marries his mother's maiden name, Miranda, with his admiration of how jewelry illuminates, Or, a person’s soul. Driven by his own appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship, Jared upholds the legacy of his family by offering elegant, premium products, expertly crafted with the finest, sustainable materials. Miranor encourages customers to live in the moment and embrace beauty, while wearing pieces that capture just what makes them distinctive and special.

While we are only found, for now, on the Internet, the experience you find here will be extremely personal, reflective of the mutual trust between jeweler and client. Bearing a human touch, our pieces are made from the finest reclaimed or recycled materials and strive for zero environmental impact. We are always here to advise you on the best choices for your collection and help you style older pieces with newer styles.


 Jared Stone, Founder & CEO of Miranor

Jared Stone, Founder & CEO of Miranor